Prachi Priyam born on 11th September 2009 is a 9 years old girl whose father’s name is Sanjay Kumar Gupta. He lives at Salimpur ahra, Kadamkuan , Patna and he is a business man has a own book shop. He born with full time normal delivery but his head was large as compare to normal child. He has diagnosed hydrocephalus with spina bifida. It’s a congenital disease his all four limbs have developed contracture. His father consulted with neurosurgeon, neurosurgeon recommended surgery of the spina bifida but only 10% chance of recovery and lots of money is required for the surgery. Her parents were not able to effort that amount of money then he started the homeopathic treatment due to money problem.

Any how he came to know about the Aastha rehabilitation centre and visited there for the treatment. Our physiotherapist started treatment and releases the contracture of muscle and started the ADL training. After 15 month of treatment she is able to sit on the wheel chair and can do her activity of daily living with very minimal support and she can stand with the minimal support. Aastha is the ray of hope for their family.