Sakshi Kumari

Sakshi Kumari is a 17 year old cerebral palsy child who lives in Baily Road, Patna and she is under the Rehabilitation programme for four years. When Sakshi had come to our Rehabilitation Centre she was only 13-year-old, that period she was unable to walk properly but after the rehabilitation programme not only she can walk properly she can run. The great achievement for the Aastha Charitable & Welfare Society this year that Sakshi has won the THREE GOLD MEDAL in T-36 category in 14th National Para Athletics Championship for Cerebral Palsy in 100,200 and 300 Meter Race on 22nd – 23rd March 2018, organized by Bihar Para Sports Association in the auspicious of Indian Sports Federation of Cerebral Palsy.

Roushan Kumar

Roushan Kumar is 6.5 years old boy, born on 31st August 2011. His father’s name is Manish Kumar working as a carpenter and mother is house wife. They are staying at shiv colony, Raja bazar near mother’s academy, Patna. Their family income is approx. 6200 Rs per month. Roushan born with normal delivery at hospital, but gradually his father noticed that he is not behaving like the other children. Roushan was not able to understand the command, sit, speak and eye to eye contact. When he became 2 years old they consulted with neuropsychiatric, physician and other doctors for the treatment, they diagnosed him Mental Retardation. After one year of the treatment he doesn’t recovered then he visited at AaSTHA rehabilitation centre for the treatment.

Aastha did the proper assessment and made the plan of treatment like physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and special education etc. Now within 2 years of therapy Roushan has improved as much he can understand the command, communicate with any one, eye contact, behavioural problem and can walk with the support.

Roushan parents say thanks Aastha for the continuous treatment on free of cost. Now he is going school happily.


Prachi Priyam

Prachi Priyam born on 11th September 2009 is a 9 years old girl whose father’s name is Sanjay Kumar Gupta. He lives at Salimpur ahra, Kadamkuan , Patna and he is a business man has a own book shop. He born with full time normal delivery but his head was large as compare to normal child. He has diagnosed hydrocephalus with spina bifida. It’s a congenital disease his all four limbs have developed contracture. His father consulted with neurosurgeon, neurosurgeon recommended surgery of the spina bifida but only 10% chance of recovery and lots of money is required for the surgery. Her parents were not able to effort that amount of money then he started the homeopathic treatment due to money problem.

Any how he came to know about the Aastha rehabilitation centre and visited there for the treatment. Our physiotherapist started treatment and releases the contracture of muscle and started the ADL training. After 15 month of treatment she is able to sit on the wheel chair and can do her activity of daily living with very minimal support and she can stand with the minimal support. Aastha is the ray of hope for their family.

Kiran kumari

Kiran kumari is two years old baby, staying at Dhanaut, Rupaspur , Patna 800014 with parent in small hut. Her mother is house wife and father is auto driver. Their family income is very less near about 5000 Rs per month. She born in government hospital with normal delivery. When she was one year old she doesn’t walk, talk, interact with family members, even she doesn’t identify her parents. One day our community mobilizer visited in the community for the survey of disabled children after that one community member informed us about the Kiran Kumari and her disability, our team visited at her home and talked with mother. At first, she was denying about her baby and her problem but after introduction of our team she accepted her problem and finally convinced to come at our centre for the service. We will provide the all treatment free of cost.

After counselling of her parent, she is coming at ASTHA rehabilitation centre for the therapy and special education. Within one year of therapy her motor function has improved so that she can stand independently and walk with minimal support. She starts communication with her parent with gesture and simple words like papa, mama etc.
To see the recovery of kiran her parent is very glad and acceptance of disabled child in the community has been increased. Really ASTHA is the blessing for the underprivilege children with disability.